India’s 1st Smart Glasses
The Ultimate Safety of People in Crowded Places


  • The attached infrared sensor takes the
    temperature reading. Then it displays the
    result in real-time by overlaying virtual boxes
    on real people’s faces using augmented
    reality. The results are very simple to
    understand. (Refer to the table below)
    Once you switch on the glasses, you can turn on
    various modes like Thermal scan, Mask
    Detection etc. with simple hand-gestures or
    voice commands. A view from the glasses is
    shown below in the image. The glasses have a
    tethered wire that connects to our processing
    unit which you can keep inside your pocket.
    The glasses require the internet to process
    the data on the cloud server. It runs on a
    battery that can be charged with a C-type
    fast charger that comes with the product