Interactive 3D display in stereo full HD resolution

In the era of increasingly sophisticated digital applications, image presentation is critical to improve the interpretation of 3D models and enhance the user experience. In current design model packages, viewing options have serious limitations:

  • 2D images on flat screen monitors (some with a quasi 3D option) resulting in lower resolution and significant processing requirements.
  • Stereo 3D monitors (lenticular or parallax barriers) with limited axial freedom and optical accommodation
  • Require eyewear such as shutter or polarising glasses which create flicker and image cross talk
  • VR goggles offering total immersion but with issues of coordination, balance and excluded subjects
    • Digital stereo 3D with vivid depth perception
    • 4 million pixel image
    • Enhanced visualisation of 3D models
    • Improved comfort and productivity
    • No glasses or goggles required
    • Real time collaboration communication